Monday, December 15, 2008

Cookie Monster

Not the Sesame Street guy. I'm talking about my oven. I baked 2 kinds of sugar cookies last week and had to watch them like a hawk. The recipe says 8 minutes, so I check at 8 and they're not done. But they're almost done, so I have to stand there like idiot and open the oven door every 10 seconds. Are they done yet? Are they done yet? Are they done yet? You think this would prevent burning. But did it occur to you that I can only do this so long before I can't stand it anymore and wander off? I didn't burn too many, but the uncertainty drives me nuts. Plus some of them came out tough because I used a mixer instead of beating the dough by hand. The recipe did not say I couldn't use a mixer. Well it does now, but it's just a little too late, isn't it? My sister says you can buy cookie dough that's already in shapes, you don't have to cut them out. Hmmmm. Anyway, if you'd like to have a pleasant cookie-making experience, here are some books to try.

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