Thursday, November 6, 2008

Now for something very different - Why Warhol

I imagine most of us think of Andy Warhol as a man with more talent at self-promotion and befriending celebrities than as an actual artist. But he had an enormous effect on popular culture. Aside from astutely realizing everyone would have 15 minutes of fame - and this before the massive invasion of reality TV - his signature style of art is now iconic. Here is a web site that allows you to turn your photos into something resembling his garish yet arresting celebrity portraits: Warholizer. (Sample above. I did it all by myself!) And it makes my point. Andy Warhol was no Rembrandt, but his impact is universal.


Circulating Librarian said...

But that doesn't look like you.

Cool concept. I'll have to try it and post it to my SNS.

Anonymous said...

Cool site! I've already made something and posted the result on my LiveJournal!