Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kitschy Crafts - Frothy, but not the Snowman

So here's something my Dad used to do when I was little. He would take wax and melt it over the stove - I'm not sure how, I wasn't allowed near any of this process - then he would use an electric mixer to whip the wax. Next came the waxed-cardboard milk carton. He'd pour or spoon the frothy wax into the milk carton and let it cool. Then he'd just tear the milk carton off the cooled wax and voila! A candle was born. I'm not even sure we lit it but it was really cool. Actually I wanted to eat it, but that's another story. In this new-fangled age, frothy wax is being applied to existing candles. This appears to be called 'caking'. Very pretty as you can see from the example at right. Since I have no idea how to do this and I wouldn't want any one to get hurt with hot wax, I will refer interested parties to the experts for actual instructions.

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Graphic source: The Melting Pot

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