Friday, November 7, 2008


One of my east-coast buddies - in Davenport - has lots of young friends and they 'text' back and forth. Now I made 6 typos in the previous sentence and I'm using a full-sized keyboard. Chances of me communicating with my thumbs are next to nil. And I still don't get why you just don't talk. Isn't it easier? Yet people persist in slamming their largest digits over a teeny tiny beantsy telephone keypad. They love it! I can see why they use lots of shortcuts, and I have found a website that lists many of them, if you are curious. Some of them make no sense to me - 1337 means 'Elite? And others - URYY4M You Are Too Wise For Me - seem more like license plates. So great! Another new universe to learn! If you want to tackle it, here is a link to the website with the Text Message Shorthand. Be aware, it is a site for adults. Are you seeing the irony here?

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Circulating Librarian said...

I just had an adult patron request this kind of information yesterday because she wants to know what her grandchildren are saying.