Friday, December 23, 2011

Closed Today plus 'My School's Older Than Yours'

There are some mighty old high schools in our United States.  Or 'secondary schools' as some call them.  Here are the 5 Oldest Secondary Schools in the USA and the years in which they were founded:

1.  Boston Latin School, MA   1635; 
2.  Hartford Public High School, CT  1638; 
3.  Roxbury Latin School, MA   1645; 
4.  Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, MA   1648; 
5.  Hopkins School New Haven, CT   1660.
I checked on the suspicious word 'Rindge'.  Is it some kind of esoteric language related to Latin?  Turns out it's a town, so Cambridge Rindge is just like Newell Fonda.  Only waaaay older.
Source:  Top Ten of Everything 2011

All six locations of the Des Moines Public Library are closed December 23 through December 26.

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