Tuesday, November 1, 2011

You've Seen the Best ...

Now see the Pretty Darn Good.  "365 Four-Star Videos you (Probably) Haven't Seen" provides movie-viewing suggestions for those times when you just can't find anything in the DVD stacks. 
A.  The original "Andromeda Strain".  The movie may be old, but the tension builds like a 10-year-old with a new set of Legos.
B.  "The Snake Pit".  No, really!  It's classy!  Olivia de Haviland, for Pete's sake.  Get your mind out of the Russ Meyer gutter.
C.  "A Face in the Crowd". Andy Griffith is cunning and mean!  He breaks Patricia Neal's heart, not such an easy thing to do.
D.  "The Man Who Would be King". Two great accents that sound great together! Sean Connery and Michael Caine act up in a movie that gets really weird at the end.

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