Wednesday, November 2, 2011

And Now for Movies I Like

Here are more cinematic offerings that don't immediately come to mind when you think, 'What do I want to watch tonight?"  You just might want to watch these.  I did!

 "The Game", starring Michael Douglas.  Oooh, so twisty-turny.  And maybe Michael Douglas is not in control of the situation. Even though, yet again, he plays a powerful man. Hah!

"The Quiet American". You will believe a man can...act!  Specifically Brendan Fraser.  He's terrific as the titular American, as is Michael Caine (the man doesn't stop!) portraying a seen-it-all journalist in a drama set in Vietnam in 1952.

"Murphy's Romance".  I like to watch this when I'm sick.  It's very comforting.  James Garner romances Sally Field who is starting a new life with her young son in a very small Arizon town.  Nothing terrible happens.

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