Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Moustache Awesome-ness

 A friend suggested that in honor of Movember we steer you toward DVD's featuring men with Awesome Moustaches!
Smokey and the bandit  Burt (The 'Stache) Reynolds
Tombstone   Val Kilmer.  He's your huckleberry. But everybody's got one!
Magnum P. I.  Tom (Whiskers) Selleck
The Untouchables  Sean Connery.  They pull a goatee he pulls a moustache.
Princess Bride  Cary Elwes may not have a big moustache, but he really works it.
Gone with the Wind  Ditto Clarke Gable
We'd love to hear about your favorite moustache movies!


Foad said...

Such a great cause

Luann Rowat said...

Jesse Stone character played by Tom Selleck