Thursday, November 17, 2011

Iowa Trolls

No, really.  There is a Troll Cave in Twin Springs Park, Winneshiek County.  George Knudson, a professor at Luther College in Decorah, was all about the trolls.  According to him the cave is only 14 inches high and the bold duo who crawled in reported that the cave reeked of trolls.   Oh, and the spelunkers heard strange noises which they interpreted to mean that the trolls were really mad and about to release a mess of water to flood out the intruders.  Mr. Knudson may be writing with tongue-in-cheek, but he talks about trolls in the same tone he uses to describe the geology of Decorah.  If geology isn't fact-based, what is?

Decorah trails and trolls : a guide to 2000 acres of adventure in and around Decorah, Iowa

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