Friday, September 12, 2008

Thoughts From Emily Post

Her 1922 edition that is:

When staying at a country house visiting maids stay on the third floor.
People not only had a maid they had more than one.

...etiquette is no flummery of poseurs aping the manners of their betters...
Well, duh.

Guests, ... do not take off their hats at a lunch party even in the country...
What if you're wearing your cap backwards? It's like you're not even really wearing it.

One should never call out a name in public, unless it is absolutely unavoidable.
As in case of train? Runaway bus?

Ah, Emily. We kid because we love. Times have changed, Emily has responded, and her current books are quite useful. Especially when the mother of, well, anyone, wants to argue about seating at a wedding. Or the father. Emily Post's Etiquette. Sometimes you just have to know how it's done.


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