Friday, September 5, 2008

Local History - Glamourpusses of the Prairie

So many fabulous, fabulous, Hollywood Stars come from Iowa. We all know about John Wayne and Fred Grandy, Donna Reed. Then there's Michelle Monaghan who was so good in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and seriously underused in Gone Baby Gone and is from Winthrop, Iowa. Michael Emerson, king of the enigmatic goggle eyes (What is he thinking? No one knows.) was born in Cedar Rapids. Fictional Captain Kirk was born in Riverside Iowa, but non-fictional Terry Farrell from Cedar Rapids played Jadzia Dax on Deep Space Nine for 6 years. She quit to be on Becker. Go figure. Are you intrigued? You know where to go. Click here for the Iowa-Hollywood Connection page on the Local History Wiki. See if you can find one more star from Cedar Rapids. It's some kind of talent hothouse up there!

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So witty, and so informative.

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