Thursday, September 4, 2008

Local History - Buses & Trolleys &...Oh My!

And Streetcars and Curbliners, for pity's sake! Could there have been any more modes of public transportation in Des Moines? Not enough rivers for gondolas, I suppose. What the heck is a 'curbliner' anyway? I've never heard of these, did downtown Des Moines have special curbs that the 'liners' grabbed on to? So many questions. Fortunately the Local History Wiki is there for you. Nice timeline and informational bits, click here to go directly to Curbliner Central.

Photo courtesy: Thomas Hawk, Flickr

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circulating librarian said...

And did I read correctly that someone got paid $500 to name these modes of transportation "curbliners"? I don't think the name caught on anywhere else but DSM.

E-by has an ad about curbliners for sale.

--just in case you want your own piece of DSM memorabilia!