Monday, June 23, 2008

We Don't Have It, Maybe We Can Get It

Even if we don’t own the book you want, we have options! For Des Moines residents with Des Moines Public Library cards we offer an Inter-Library Loan service. We check the entire United States to find a library that will loan out the book you want. Here’s how it works. Let us know what you want, and if the book is at least 12 months old we’re in business. (Libraries want keep their new books for their own customers). We relieve you of $1.25 because we do charge for the service, whether or not we can get the book. This is a processing fee as the service uses a large amount of staff time. We fill out a form (of course); send it off and wait for the book to appear. This can take up to six weeks but it's generally closer to 2-3 weeks. Once we receive the book it usually has to be returned in 2 weeks, so the faster you can pick it up the better. I’ve used this service often and it’s amazing, so keep it in mind! To inquire about this service please call us at 283-4152 and press 3. Please have your Des Moines Public Library Card ready when you call. Thank you!

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