Thursday, June 12, 2008

Father's Day -- It Came from Spokane

Who knew that Father’s Day was a product of Spokane, WA? It was proposed by Mrs. John B. Dodd, (obviously a fan of men, since there is no mention of her own first name) on June 19th, 1910. The Mayor of Spokane proclaimed it, the Governor of Washington recognized it, and the third Sunday of June would heretofore be celebrated as Father's Day. It was not, however, Presidentially declared until 1966. So what were we doing before 1966? Running around celebrating a rogue holiday! Don’t know how much the fathers enjoyed it as I suspect this was the Tie Era. “Look! A green paisley tie! I love it!” Fathers can be so sweet. Give your father, your uncle, brother, or mentor a handmade card. Even if you’re 30 and he looks at you funny, it’s made with love. He should be thankful you’re not giving him a handmade tie.

Source: Chase's Calendar of Annual Events
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