Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Slice of 'Life'

Remember when smoking was healthy (Santa Claus smoked!)? When Margaret Mead was cutting-edge? When Norman Rockwell ruled American magazines? No? Sputnik maybe? Even if you don't remember this stuff it was plenty interesting and we have the magazines that reported it as it happened. They give you a glimpse of American culture at the time. Well, at least the print media's idea of American culture. And for those of you finishing up your degrees that need primary sources, some of these may do the trick. Oh, who am I kidding? Mostly we just want to see those full-page black-and-white ads for cars with fins and push button starters. Cutting edge!
A selection of magazines and newspapers we have that are of an historic nature, housed at the Central Library, as of June 2008:

Ladies Home Journal: 1893 - 1908; 1911 to present

Life: 1883-1909; 1911-12; 1936-1972; 1978-2000

Look: 1938-1971

National Geographic: 1910 - to present

New York Times: microfilm1851-1870; microfilm 1939 - to present

Newsweek: bound 1933-50; microfilm 1950-to present

Scientific American: 1859 – present

Time: 1924- to present

Wall Street Journal: microfilm 1950 - to present

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