Saturday, May 3, 2008

Time For Tulips

Last day for Tulip Time! Note the photo to the left. Tulips - check. Windmill - check. Tulip tree - check. It's really some kind of magnolia tree, but you know what you call it. The picture was taken in the Sunken Gardens, a city park off Houston St. in Pella ( a pond is in the shape of a wooden shoe!). There is also the Pella Historical Village with a miniature Dutch village, including miniature train and trolley. When you've had your fill of the traditional delights of Tulip Time: the fields of yellow tulips! the Dutch letters! the very clean street! squeeze in a visit to these attractions.
Tulip Time activities today start with a 7 AM Fly-in Breakfast (I have no idea what that is. Don't ask me.) and begin to wind down at 8:30 PM when the lighted parade begins. Have a ball!
Photo Credit: Gerry Rowland

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