Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last of All

The 'first' of something is usually not too hard to find. First airplane, first antibiotic, first appearance of the Beatles in the US. But what about the last of things? Aha! Hadn't thought of that, had you? Well-rounded library system that we are, we can work with the lasts as well as the firsts. Let's pick some at random. Last U.S. president to wear knee britches at his inauguration: James Monroe. Stylin' as usual. Last date of the comic strip Bloom County: August 6, 1989. Can it really be that long ago? Shirley Jackson's last completed novel (which I HIGHLY recommend): We Have Always Lived in the Castle 1963. And where did I find all this you ask? Why, in the handy-dandy reference book Notable Last Facts. So when you need to stump your know-it-all friends, give us a call and we'll find you something REALLY obscure. And I don't mean know-it-all in a bad way. I myself am a know-it-all. But on me it's funny.

Source: Notable last facts : a compendium of endings, conclusions, terminations, and final events throughout history. pps. 161; 70; 205

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