Friday, May 30, 2008

Fun Last Names

We have a book, New Dictionary of American Family Names, that explains the meaning of last names. Some are obvious, connected to place names. Oxford, "one who came from Oxford". Colton, "one who came from Colton". You get the idea.
One the other hand, some meanings are less usual. In other words, my favorites:

Krupa "one with some real or imagined resemblance to a grain of barley." How do you look like barley?

Sikora "one with some real or fancied resemblance to a titmouse". Okay, looking like a titmouse seems a little more likely. Especially if it's 'fancied'.

Rau, Rauh "one who carried himself in a graceful manner OR one with unusual body hair" An unexpected pair of meanings.

Diduch "One likened to a good, helping gnome in Ukranian demonology". Cool!

There is nothing like having an interesting name, and congratulations to those of you who do! The Central Library has a copy of this entertaining book. It does not check out, but stop in and take a look. Or call us at 283-4152 and press 3 if you'd like to have us look up your name!

Source: New Dictionary of Family Names

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