Thursday, May 15, 2008

Heston Connection

Back in the 80's the late Charleton Heston made an appearance in Des Moines. This Des Moines. He was promoting his movie, Mountain Men, and delighting the locals with his dapper self. This photo is from the Des Moines Register July 23, 1980. Heston is in the airport shaking the hand of one Amy Griggs, who is in turn supported by her father Keith. Speaking of Keiths, (segue!) Brian Keith was Heston's costar in the movie. So you know it was manly. On the other hand, Victory Jory had a minor part. Victor Jory? ?
Update: We do have Mountain Men in our DVD collection, and here are 3 other Heston Westerns:

Will Penny
Major Dundee
Three Violent People

Information provided by LuAnn Rowat, Circulation Department, East Side Library

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