Friday, September 16, 2011

Festival! Festival!

This weekend you can enjoy the 9th annual Iowa's Latino Heritage Festival!  Whoohoo! It's back to the bridges - this year the celebration takes place on the Locust and Walnut bridges downtown.  Hours are Saturday, 10am – 11pm and Sunday, 10am – 6pm.  The delights include a Quinceanera Style Show.  Fun!  Who doesn't like admiring gorgeous dresses?  And for food fans, like myself, there is the Elote Eating Contest.  I had to look up 'elotes' and here is the definition I found:  roasted corn on the cob to which you add butter, cheese, salt, lime juice and chili powder. I want one now.  Mayo may be substituted for butter but I don't hear anyone complaining.  Those are just two examples of the fun!  Go, watch, eat, enjoy! 

More information on the festival:   Iowa's Latino Heritage Festival 
Books of interest at the Des Moines Public Libraries:
Toward the preservation of a heritage : Latin American and Latino art in the midwestern United States
Quinceanera Books

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