Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Do You Walk it or Drink it?

Hey, a new dog breed!  Don't see them too often since I've always been fascinated by the unusual and fantastic breeds you only find at dog shows, which I love.  I want the happy dogs to win.  Anyhoo, meet the Basset Griffon Vendeen. Griffon means 'rough-coated'.  Cool.  At first I thought it might be that dog from the movie 'As Good As It Gets', but Verdell was tiny and a little weird-looking.  Verdell was a Brussels Griffon.  So no. Here's The Ultimate Dog Book's description of the new kid: "Basset Griffon Vendeen now comes in two sizes, the larger Grand, and the smaller Petit.  Both are extremely energetic, sparkling and affectionate animals..."  They now come in two sizes!  They sparkle! Could be a dog or a carbonated beverage.  So don't get confused when you go dog-shopping.

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cboy said...

Cuute! I love dogs! Kudos to you for your wit and verve in your posts!