Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Candy Nostalgia

As if I didn't eat candy today.  No, I'm not nostalgic for candy in general.   The candy we loved as children!  Some of it still sounds delicious, some just plain icky but they all have a special place in our hearts.  And our arteries.   Mmm, Kits Taffy and B B Bats.  Best flavors:  banana and chocolate but watch your fillings!   Likewise with Slo Pokes, Black Cows and Lemonheads.   But wait, there's more! Lik-M-Aid, you'd pour it on your palm and lap it up!   Pixy Stix, it's Lik-M-Aid in a tube!  Fruit Stripe Gum, Chiclets, Gold Mine Bubble Gum - the last 2 didn't keep their flavor long, but they were cool!   Even wax bottles full of liquid have their fans.   Hey, guess which candy I draw the line at?   Exactly!   I am so over licking my palm.  If I had a dog, the job would still exist.  But I'm not doing it.  (Bonus! A young co-worker just gave me a package of Fruit Stripe!  I am the luckiest blogger ever.)


cboy said...

I remember a couple of these candies from my childhood. Neat!

Anonymous said...

There's a very well-written and funny book (fiction) involving the history of the candy industry. It's "True Confections" by Katharine Weber.