Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sticky Songs

They won't leave you alone, will they?  Those songs in your head that get stuck on 'Repeat'.  I had a surprise the other day when this beauty popped up:  Robin William's version of Bruce Springsteen's song 'Fire', as sung by Elmer Fudd: "I'm widing in you caw; you tuwn on the waaaadio".   Oh my.  So I asked some library staff what songs get affixed in their craniums.  For three days I'll share these with you and we'll see what sticks!   We'd love to hear what's playing on your inner radio.

Sticky Songs at the Library:
Beach Boys,  Kokomo. "Aruba, Jamaica ooo I wanna take you Bermuda, Bahama come on pretty mama..."

Gap Band, You Dropped a Bomb on Me. "You turned me out, you turned me on, you dropped a bomb on me".  Plus the bonus 'I -  II - III'.  Pronounced 'eye'.

Jackson Browne, Boulevard. "Nobody rides for free, nobody nobody, Nobody gets it like they want it to be, nobody nobody..."  The extra 'nobody's' are essential.

Here's a song you don't hear every day. One staff member is plagued by the following:
Boom Boom Ain't it Great to Be Crazy? 
Yeah, it's a children's song.  Raise your hand if you've heard it. 
Share your 'ear worms'.  Are they more obscure than the 'Be Crazy' song? A challenge!

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Anonymous said...

Mine is maybe the worst rock song ever- "Knock Three Times on the Ceiling If You Want Me"-aargh!