Thursday, May 20, 2010

Recumbent in a good way - in honor of Bike to Work Week

Recumbent bikes!   Also called 'lawn chairs' 'easy chairs' or sometimes just 'bents'.  Pretty undignified names - until you get a look at those babies.  They're not the prettiest bikes at the ball.  On the other hand they are comfy and the pedaler can really put her back into it. So much so that the bikes have been banned from racing.  They're outlaws!  Since 1934!  And now you can get  a 21-speed model.  That would blow them away in France.  A friend of mine loves her 'bent'.  (That one must be the cool nickname.) She says it's easier on the knees and hers has a shock absorber.  Hey!  I found yet another name for them: 'recliner bikes'.  Looks like you're in kind of a reclining position, but I do not see any cushions.  I'll wait for the model that does.

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