Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chester "Chet" Brewer

Satchel Paige wasn't the only pitching star in the Negro League. Chet Brewer (who attended Western High in Des Moines) was to face off against the legendary Dizzy Dean on October 13, 1934. Brewer was pitching for the Kansas City Monarchs, the team that was 5-time champion of the National Negro League. Dean was playing for an all-star team in this exhibition game. Would you like to know who won? Here's a headline for you: "Negro Nine Wins Ball Game, 9 - 0". Yes, the Monarchs shut out Dizzy Dean, who admittedly only pitched 3 innings. And they didn't even need Chet - he wound up on the bench because they were saving him for another game. Still pretty cool.

Sources: The Bystander, October 5, 1934 p. 1; October 19, 1934 p. 1
Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and Kansas State University College of Education
Suggested by Luann Rowat, East Side Library

Don't forget the Pride and Passion: The African American Baseball Experience exhibit at the East Side Library.

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