Friday, September 11, 2009

Battle Cry!

Want something more original than 'By Grabthar's Hammer' to yell when you go into battle? At the grocery store? You know I wouldn't bring this little problem up unless I had a solution. What is Your Battle Cry? stands ready to help. Put in a little info, doesn't have to be true, and Conan's your uncle. Here are a few beauties to whet your appetite:
"I'm going to bruise you with such disregard for common sense, I will be high on life for years to come!!"

Sprinting along the hotel lobby, swinging a vorpal blade, cometh Name Withheld! And she gives a vengeful cry: "I'm going to clobber you in such an unsafe manner, your timbers will shiver!"

"I'm going to spank you until armored tanks pull us apart!!"

Watch the delightful movie GalaxyQuest for more on Grapthar's Hammer. Or just because it's hilarious.

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