Friday, July 17, 2009

This Week in Silly

It's been just ages since you've had a name randomly picked for you from a list of funny words. Let's do a nice gentle one (or at least it should be). The Fluffy Kitten name generator! We can be happy and bouncy and carefree. At least I thought so. Then I found out my Fluffy Kitten name is Nightmare Tubbybottom. Who would name a kitten Nightmare? Sure, if the kitten grows up and turns out like my sister's cat that would snarl right in your face when you were on the stairs, then you name them Nightmare. Not when they are Fluffy Kittens. Go get a name and see if you come out with something nicer. Although they were kinda on target with the Tubbybottom part.

Graphic credit: Dover


Anonymous said...

Silly and fun.

Whiskers Merryweather

Anonymous said...

Mine is Samantha Merryweather - what fun! I enjoy your blog while visiting hot, hot Houston.

Anonymous said...

Are Samantha and Whiskers related?