Thursday, July 16, 2009

Movies from the East

I know, you've seen all the blockbusters and the mainstream movies and you want something different! Now is the time to hit the East Side Library. They have all this stuff that is really interesting but a bit short on star power. Unless you are blinded by Balthazar Getty and Henry Rollins. Or Kenneth Branagh! He used to be kind of a star.

Kaidan Shinkichi, a handsome 25-year old man, was cursed as a baby when his father killed a businessman. During a dispute, Shinkichi accidentally injures his wife, Oshiga, in the face. The injury doesn't seem very bad at first but the infection soon spreads and Oshiga dies. The deadly curse is far from over.

Wallander Three new crime dramas based on books by Henning Mankell; Sidetracked, Firewall, and One Step Behind follow Inspector Kurt Wallander, a disillusioned everyman, as he struggles against a rising tide of violence in southern Sweden. 2 DVD's.

The couple A Jewish Hungarian is forced to hand over his wealth to the Nazis for the safe passage of his family out of occupied Europe, only to find his two remaining servants are left trapped in a web of deceit and danger, and he is their only hope for survival.

Feast A group of patrons at a bar struggle to survive a ravenous family of flying beasts focused on eating them. Who will survive and who will become their meal? Balthazar Getty, Henry Rollins. I'd go for Getty. Rollins looks like he'd be tough and stringy

Hogfather It's the holiday of Hogswatch in the parallel universe of Discworld, the night when kids anticipate presents from the beloved Hogfather. But someone--or something-- wants the Hogfather out of the way. Now it's up to the most unlikely of heroes to get the holiday back on track before humanity loses all hope.

The descriptions are taken right from the catalog, so you know I am not making these up.

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