Monday, July 21, 2008

Travel Week - Sac City

I understand many folks won't be traveling far this summer, unless it's by bicycle. So this week let's look at Iowa attractions you might not have considered - it'll keep you occupied until State Fair time arrives. Let's start with Sac City. Sure, they have an Aquatic Center and yes, it's the home of Porktoberfest,(October 2nd if you're interested) but there's more! The Chautauqua Building is one of only three in Iowa, now dedicated to the history of those traveling lecture series. And here is what you really want to see. The world's largest popcorn ball! Go straight to 420 E. Main St, and housed in a miniature red barn all it's own you'll see enough popcorn to produce nightmares in even the most courageous movie theater employee. What's not fun about that?

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