Monday, July 28, 2008

Amazing Book - The Genius

Oh, The Genius by Jesse Kellerman. If you like complex, convoluted novels with action and meaning on several levels this is the novel for you. Especially if you like 'em a little weird. In a run-down apartment, art dealer Ethan Muller comes into possession of a massive work of art - reams and reams of copy paper covered with excruciatingly detailed drawings. The artist has disappeared. The pictures include drawings of the faces of five boys murdered decades ago. Everyone and everything is interconnected in unexpected ways. There are savory (or unsavory) flashbacks to the intimate lives of several generations of Muller's family that meld seamlessly into the plot. Man I'm looking forward to the author's next book. It's sot rare to find something this meaty in the thriller/mystery genre. I loved it! And now I'm spoiled. What's to read? Any suggestions?

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