Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sheet Music Galore

Long known as a resource for fine arts, the Des Moines Public Library has a large collection of sheet music both in loose and bound form. Most are at the Central Library and all are cataloged for zippy retrieval. We even have the sheet music pictured here; it's really cool to see it in person. Because it's ooold. But the title in the catalog is just 'Katy'. Guess the cataloging at the time didn't know quite how to handle the K-K-K-Katy. Now it can breeze through Ukraina : [fotoalʹbom] / pod obshcheĭ redak︠t︡sieĭ. So what was so hard about K-K-K-Katy? Sheesh.

Graphic courtesy of :
NYPL Digital Gallery, The New York Public Library

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