Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May is National Scrapbooking Month

Can't imagine why Scrapbooking has its own month? Or why it's capitalized? You would not believe how gorgeous and elaborate scrapbooks are these days. Chipboard, layering, epoxy stickers, rubber stamps, metal embellishments. Edit and print your own photos, then buy packets of pre-made theme supplies - themes like camping, Halloween, family history, graduation, 3rd grade. (I had no idea 3rd grade could be so exciting!) You can commemorate anything with a scrapbook. And they can be very expressive and unique heirlooms. Take a look at samples that appear in the books below, and beware of eye-popping!

Tantalizing textures : ideas and techniques for scrapbookers / Trudy Sigurdson.

Scrapbooking techniques for beginners / Rebekah Meier.

Painted scrapbook pages : create one-of-a-kind pages with simple painting techniques / Melynda Van Zee.

Fabrics & florals : scrapbook styles : 100+ ideas for "dressing up" your pages! / Jill Miller.

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