Monday, April 28, 2008

Classic Broadway on DVD

Hey! Did the posting about the Pajama Game get you chomping at the bit for more? May not be live, no smell of greasepaint (what does that smell like anyway?) but we have beaucoup Broadway Musicals on DVD throughout our library system.

King and I
Best. Waltz. Ever.
Sweet Charity
Not just Shirley MacLaine, you get bonus Chita Rivera and Paula Kelly
Liza Minelli's look has been set in stone ever since. See it when it was fresh!
West Side Story
Who hasn't wanted to do the crouching finger-snapping dance? And once the Officer Krupke song gets in your head it will not leave. Trust me.
My Fair Lady
Gotta go with the clothes on this one. Mobile works of art.
Annie Get Your Gun
Could she get any louder? Betty Hutton defines dame. A bracing experience.

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