Saturday, April 19, 2008

Earth Day

The official Earth Day is Tuesday April 22. Here's something cool happening in the metro.
Earth Day Trash Bash
Yeaahh, sounds appealing. But what a great idea! Operation Downtown has amassed a force of corporations and associations to clean, clean, clean! Volunteers, the salt of the earth, will be picking up the litter that is always revealed by the spring thaw. Plastic trash bags every where. They may not be able to get them out of the trees, but there will be much scooping of the ground on streets and trails. This goes on from 1-4, then refreshments are served outside City Hall. Rosters were to be completed by April 15th but if you'd like more information call (515) 208-0277. And if you notice people scurrying around Tuesday afternoon cleaning like mad, say, "GO EARTH DAY” or something suitably supportive. Then don't litter.

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Anonymous said...

Cool! Please don't forget Harriet Street boat ramp!