Thursday, December 9, 2010


Have you noticed the way beautiful ribbons call to you?  They're shimmery, rich, colorful ... and half the time they're half off!  This is how I found myself with a houseful of the stuff. Just sitting there.  Mocking me.  "You don't have a clue what to do with us. You are stuck with us for life, toots. Nyah."  Ribbons are not known for their mature communication style. If you have lots of ribbons you'd like to actually use but you're not much of a seamstress (Seamster?  Don't mess with a seamster.) we have options.  Most of the projects start with something ready-made and add ribbons to it.  My kind of crafting.  Add gorgeous ribbons to votive candle holders, plain picture frames and photo albums, et voila!  They are transformed into spectacular gifts.  If you want to make fake flowers out of ribbons, A Passion for Ribbonry is your BFF.  Pansies, roses, lupins! I am not kidding you, lupins! Take a look at all our ribbonry books and get cracking.
Ribbon Craft Books

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