Friday, December 17, 2010

Farewell to Mr. Bob Feller

You've heard the news by now.  Iowa's most famous baseball player, Bob Feller, died Wednesday of complications from leukemia. The Des Moines Register did a fine job reporting his life and career in yesterday's paper.   Only here do you get the Story of Bob Feller and Burke Shiffler.  Burke, a Bob Feller fan from way back, is a librarian at the Central. He has met, yes, and chatted with Mr. Feller on several occasions.  Burke has 3 baseballs signed by the legend.  Burke's son, a mere one year old at the time, received his very own signed Bob Feller baseball.  It's never too early to meet a sports icon And the baseball cards!  It's fascinating to see the variety that has been available over the years.  Not to mention the postage stamp from Grenada!  Where do you even get this stuff?  Burke has generously installed a large part of his Fellermania collection in one of the display cases on the second floor of the Central Library.  Take a look when you stop in, it is very cool.

Bob Feller Books

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