Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Blockbusters: Good Old Times

I'm not exactly overwhelmed by this year's slate of event movies.  Iron Man II was good, but it's no Secret of Kells.  Let's return to the excitement of Summer Blockbusters of Yore!
A Completely Subjective List. 
Jaws!  Every time I come across it while flipping channels I watch it again.  Even if it's at the point when Roy climbs the mast and gets out the shotgun.  Every bit is good.
Aliens! The best of series, due to its emotional heft.  Plus Sigourney and major armament.  (I was personally offended when Ms. Weaver did that commercial in the yellow robot suit, cheapening the whole movie.) P.S.  Ignore Alien 3 entirely as it negates what happens in Aliens.
Batman! (Burton & Keaton, 1989)  Michael Keaton.  Who knew?  And Jack Nicholson lets loose like we know he always wanted to.
Ah, The Lion King!  They had me at the 5 minute preview.  A single set piece and it's more exciting than the entirety of many films.
Independence Day!  All you need to bring down alien spaceships is a laptop.  What the heck is taking so long on'V' ?
Terminator 2!  Linda Hamilton was not only completely ripped, she was nuts.  Add in time paradoxes and you've got some fun. 
So if the new movies just aren't doing it for you, try out some of these classics.  And relive the magic.

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Great list