Monday, June 21, 2010

Fragment, a Favorite Book From 2009

Nothing I like better than a Mysterious Island Adventure.  Ooooooh.  In Fragment a ship full of the cast and crew from a 'sea life' reality show wind up at Henders Island.  Mayhem ensues.  The Henders'  inhabitants are all vicious species that want to eat you!  Now!  First there's the wheelie nasty on the beach. This innocuous-looking beast hurls itself  like a live Frisbee and when it hits you the zillions of babies on its exterior jump off  and eat you.  Well that's weird.  Turns out millions and millions of years ago evolution on Henders jogged on over to a different track and the island was isolated enough that it just kept perking along in an entirely new direction. Oh, and salt water kills them.  So no leaving the island! If you make it past the wheelies to the interior there are flying nasties, huge spidery nasties, ratty nasties, all really fast!  They will only stop trying to eat you if one of their own stumbles. Then they're all over that poor sucker.  And they reproduce like crazy so they have enough progeny to eat each other! The author actually backs up all this crazy with lots and lots of science. Lots. But not so much that it ruins the fabulous world he's constructed.   For extra value, toward the end there's one more creature that is totally unbelievable but buckets of fun.  You can read it in the comfort of your lawn chair, safe in the knowledge that you won't be eaten.  Except maybe by mosquitoes.

Fragment by Warren Fahy

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