Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Native American Heritage Month

was in November.  I completely missed it, which is too bad because Iowa has an interesting story. In 1846 the Mesquakie were moved to Kansas along with the Sauk because the federal government decided to treat the two tribes as one.   Now some of the Mesquakie never left Iowa.  Others left and, very unhappy with their new homes, returned to Iowa. With the support of the Iowa Legislature they were able to buy land in Tama County.  At this point the federal government - guess what! - broke a treaty and cut off money to the Mesquakie. The tribes had years of  terrible struggle, but eventually the Iowa government stepped in again and got the federal payments restored.  Go, Iowa!
IPTV Indian Removal in Iowa
Photo Source:  Library of Congress Digital ID: cph 3c07203

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