Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Science Update: Robot discovery - the other kind

Did we learn nothing from Battlestar Galactica? And if you haven't watched it, (the new version) you should. The article I will be quoting starts with the words "A robot scientist". And how many years of college does the robot have? Higher education notwithstanding, this robot made a scientific discovery all by itself.  It found new ways that the genes in baker's yeast work! OK, not scary. But this robot can devise a theory then design and run experiments based on the theory all by its lonesome. To be fair, the robot didn't have to sit with its chin in hand wondering what on earth it was going to tackle . They handed him a "freezer containing a library of thousands of mutant strains of yeast with individual genes deleted".  Let's hope they don't hand it a vat full of world domination techniques next time.

Robots take the drudgery out of science.
Author:  Kleiner, Kurt
Source:  New Scientist; 4/11/2009, Vol. 201 Issue 2703, p17-17, 1

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