Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Horror Fun!

Some of my favorite movies are horror/comedy.  First we have a few with actually scary parts.   These would be An American Werewolf in London, of the famous naked-man-running-with-balloons scene.  Another one is the first Tremors movie.  With Kevin Bacon!  The huge sandworms aren't too smart but they're genuiunely dangerous.   Beetlejuice is more jokey.  Eight-legged freaks is totally jokey but it features a very young Scarlett Johannsen.  Then there's Shaun of the Dead.   Shaun is sublime, its comedy played perfectly straight hitting all the action-horror cliches.  At one point the ragtag survivors led by the unlikely hero meets another group exactly like themselves.  Each group stops for a moment, dumbfounded, then falls back into their roles and go their separate ways.  Perfectly seriously.  Aren't you dying to see these? Ha! 

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Anonymous said...

Scary good choices!