Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Terrible Non-Theme Songs from TV

We all get songs stuck in our heads. Ever get really awful ones from TV shows? I don't mean the theme songs, that's a given. Occasionally television programs have horrible original tunes imbedded in the show. Oh, Serena, Samantha's cousin on Bewitched. Maybe this will jog your memory: Elizabeth Montgomery in a black wig, talking 'hip'. Cringeworthy, right? Not as bad as the song: If'n, if'n, if'n, if'n if'n you wanna feel my embrace, don't cha ever wash your face, if'n you wanna make me weak and weepy, you gotta look wild and weird and creepy, if''n, if'n, if'n, if'n if'n! Yikes. On the Jetsons, Eep op ork A-aa apparently meant 'I love you'. H.R. Pufnstuff''s Witchiepoo sang the informational ditty Oranges poranges! Who said! There ain't no rhymes for oranges. Can you tell I watched waaay too much TV as a child? I guess the fact that I remember this stuff is my punishment.

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