Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Craft Week - Stay Sharp

Woodworking. Let's see, what to make today? A set of bookshelves? A lovely trellis? An exquisite inlaid table? A log home? A doghouse? Or the true classic, the birdhouse. You can take on a project as small or a enormous as you like with woodworking, it's a craft with no limits. Or very few, anyway. I don't thing there are wooden computers. My friend made this amazing fort for his son. It's so cool - big enough for adults to fit in, and on hot days the young owner could slide down directly into his backyard pool. Ingenious? I think so. Your turn.

Here's a link to a mess of books: Woodworking

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Anonymous said...

I check out your blog all the time and just love it from Houston, Texas. I also recognize the fort - how cool - say Hi to the guy who built the fort and his son.