Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Moments Before the Heimlich

What are the chances that cherry is going down smoothly? Here's hoping it does - then that little girl will reap all sorts of health benefits. According to Men's Health, sour cherries lowered the risk of a group of conditions that have been linked to heart disease. University of Michigan researchers found that whole tart cherries lowered the risk of metabolic syndrome. Among other things, metabolic syndrome includes insulin resistance and obesity. Researchers suggest plant chemicals called anthocyanins may be responsible for the cherries good stuff. You generally won't find fresh tart cherries like hers in the grocery store, so look for the dried or frozen varieties. Or buy the juice. If she can get that baby down, she'll thank us later.

Sources: Men's Health, Sep. 2007, Vol. 22, Issue 7
American Heritage Medical Dictionary p. 802

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