Monday, March 24, 2008

Baseball Now

Way too cold for professional baseball games to start but tomorrow's game is in Japan, so maybe it's warmer there. Boston Red Sox play the Oakland A's. Abner Doubleday might look askance, but perhaps he didn't have the global point of view on this. Hey, if you are hitting some games this year and would like to know where the good seats are, we have a book all about stadiums. The layout, which seats have the best view, and where to park are all included. It's called The Complete Four Sport Stadium Guide and both the Franklin Avenue Library and the Central Library own it. You can plan your dream baseball tour! Whether you can go our not.


Anonymous said...

And once again, Manny Ramirez poses at the plate for a home run that doesn't go over the wall! At least this time he was able to get more than a single. It's going to be another wild and crazy year.

Anonymous said...

go sox!