Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Consider ketchup

The fine ladies in this picture are actually working on pickles, but we all know where ketchup comes from. Fast food spigots! The H. J. Heinz Company has been churning out the stuff since 1869. Since then? In 1876 the first bottle appeared. Well how did people get it home before it was in bottles?  According to Pure ketchup: a history of America's national condiment, ketchup was ladled out of whiskey barrels into pails!  I'd like a pail of ketchup, please.  Yes, it's to go. 1960 saw the introduction of single-serve packets and in 1983 we got the squeezable plastic bottle. Yay! No wonder 10 billion ounces of ketchup are sold each year in the U. S. (as of 2005). Another tidbit: William Johnson, the sixth chief executive of H. J. Heinz, says that in Sweden people put ketchup on their pasta. Isn’t Sweden where they eat lutefisk? Just askin'.

Anticipation by Burke, Monte. Forbes Magazine  12-12-2005 Page: 124
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